Top 5 Useful Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

I dont know about you, but when it comes to making my house into a home and getting new tips on keeping it sparkly clean I am all ears. I recently went shopping at Williams-Sonoma with the hubs and while there we talked a whole lot to one of the store managers. She was super sweet and gave us a few tips on what to use to reseal our cutting board. Proof that you can get so much more than fab cookware, dinner accents and cookbooks there.

Ive combined some of my tried and true tips passed down to me and some of the new tips I learned to bring you my top 5 useful kitchen tips.

1. When washing your kitchen dish towels, dont use fabric softener on them. The fabric softener coats the dish towel fibers and makes them less absorbing.

2. Use white vinegar when washing your dish towels. This helps take out old oder out of them. Another thing white vinegar does is it helps set the color when you bring some pretty new ones home.

3. If your cutting board turns green from cutting fresh herbs on it, use a mix of kosher salt and water to scrub the stain out.

4. To naturally polish copper pots, mix equal parts salt and lemon juice and use a soft cotton towel to rub it it.  Believe it or not, ketchup is also perfect or this job. Its not just for burgers. Its also really good for cleaning copper pots.

5. To polish old tarnished silver, fill your sink with water a quarter way up.  Next lay a sheet of aluminum foil at the bottom of the sink. Then sprinkle a 1/4 cup of salt in the sink. Add the silver, and let it sit in the sink for 10-15 minutes until the tarnish has lessened. Rinse utensils with water, remove and dry. The chemical reaction that happens from the salt interacting with the aluminum foil, causes a reactions that polishes the silver.